• Parents and/or guardians MUST come to the school in order to withdraw the student from school.

    • Please bring a valid photo ID, to verify that you are the legal guardian of that child(ren).
    • Be ready to pay any outstanding fines/fees that your child may have accrued.
    • If you are aware of your child's new school, please have that information ready to share with us, upon withdrawal for a smooth transition
    • Please take your official withdrawal form to your new school. Student records will be sent directly to the new school upon their request of records.

Magnet and Transfer Students

  • Magnet and Transfer Students moving within the county will not have to withdraw from SRMHS. However, you are required to come in and inform us of your new residency information. If you would like to withdraw your student due to the move, please visit the wcpss.net web page and complete a transfer application. This information is only applicable for Magnet Students and Transfer Students only.

    For questions, please contact Mariluz Peterson, mlandorpeterson@wcpss.net, our Registrar/Guidance Secretary at (919)-856-2800 (select Student Services).