Visual and Digital Arts

  • The Visual Arts Department and art students at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School have partnered with Anchorlight to provide students with opportunities and community connections in the arts. Since 2018, Anchorlight has given space, both physical and virtual, to students to curate exhibitions around themes that are important to them. SRMHS offers a wide variety of courses, in both hands-on and digital arts, as well as IB and AP classes, brings artists into the classroom, and connects students to the larger Raleigh arts community.

    Course Offerings


    • Visual Art: visual art, sculpture, illustration, drawing, painting, and mixed media 
    • Journalism: broadcasting, video editing, photojournalism, and photography 
    • Animation and Graphic Design: graphic design, animation, digital painting and digital illustration

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NAHS and Art Club

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    DREAMS is an online exhibition created by students in the Art Club and NAHS at Southeast Raleigh High School. Students proposed and voted on topics they would like to work with and put out the call to other students, and the theme of the 2021 exhibition, Dreams, emerged. Students’ interpretations of the theme deal with wishes, goals, nightmares, the subconscious, and surrealism among others.