• What is Career Services?

    Preparing students to be college, career, and citizenship ready!
    Career Services is an on-campus career development service that operates under the School-to-Career Division of Career and Technical Education within the Wake County Public School System. It is the central hub for the career and leadership development for Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School students. School-to-Career prepares every student to make knowledgeable career choices through academic rigor and work-based learning experiences.  

    Ms. L. Brickhouse is the Career Development Coordinator.  She is responsible for fostering links between the business community and students in order to prepare them for the world of work and to be more equiped to make informed decisions about their post high school plans. The goal is to graduate college and career ready citizens who will become our future leaders in business, industry government, etc.  Their future potential will be limitless. 
    School-To-Career initiatives assists students in preparing for the workplace through:
    1. School-Based Learning
    2. Work-Based Learning
    3. Connecting Activities

    Students learn and develop skills in these main areas:

    • Hard Skills: Higher Skills in mathematics, problem solving, occupational skills.
    • Soft Skills: Ability to work in teams, communication, career management.
    School-to-Career Experiences at SRMHS

    By the end of ninth grade SRHS students should have:

    • identified personal attributes and interests to consider in choosing a career.
    • explored career opportunities online.
    • established a graduation plan.

    By the end of tenth grade SRHS students should have:

    • opportunities in career shadowing.
    • updated the graduation plan.
    • developed resume writing skills.

    By the end of eleventh grade SRHS students should have:

    • opportunities in career shadowing and internships.
    • taken the PSAT, SAT and ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery).
    • finalized plans to meet graduation requirements.
    • explored career opportunities in the Career Center.
    • worked on developing a post-high-school plan.

    By the end of twelfth grade SRHS students should have:

    • participated in an internship.
    • developed interviewing skills.
    • fulfilled the graduation plan by meeting all graduation requirements.
    • finished developing and begun implementing a post-high-school plan.