What does it mean to be a Title I School?

  • The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is the nation's main educational law for all public schools. The law holds schools accountable for how students learn and achieve. ESSA aims to ensure that all students, including students with disabilities, English learners, and other historically-underserved groups, are ready for colleges and careers upon graduation from high school. Under ESSA, schools continue to have the flexibility to teach students in different ways, while maintaining a high bar to assess students against state-developed college-and career-ready standards.

    Title I, one component of ESSA, provides financial assistance to local educational agencies (LEAs) and schools with high numbers and/or percentages of children from low-income families to help ensure that all children meet challenging academic standards. The Title I funds can be used for a variety of services and resources for participating schools, which may include additional teachers and support staff, extra time for instruction, a variety of teaching materials, smaller class sizes, Instructional Coaches and professional learning for staff, and more.

Professional Development for Title I Schools are aimed to:

    • Facilitate high academic achievement and growth for all students

      • Ensure data driven instruction occurs across all Tiers (I/II/III).
      • Instructional coaching for focus schools
      • Developing Academic Language with students
    • Reduce achievement gaps across subgroups

      • Brief targeted strategic research-based interventions for students
      • Provide guidance and support for teachers to ensure that they appropriately use data when selecting strategies and services

Family/School Compact

  • What is a Family/School Compact?

    A family/school compact is a reflection of our shared responsibility as a school community to ensure students receive equitable access to support and resources to reach their full potential.

    Families, students, and staff are committed to working together so the family/school compact is a working document that will be posted on the Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School website. Families are encouraged to make suggestions throughout the school year. The compact will be shared and reviewed yearly, based on feedback and collaboration.

Family/School Compact 2021-22

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Family Engagement Policy

  • Here at SRMHS, we value the voices and feedback of our  community and families. The purpose of the Policy Engagement is to share with families how SRMHS will:

    • Engage Families
    • Empower families to share in the responsibility for high student achievement
    • Build the capacity of families and the community
    • Ensure accessibility to family engagement opportunities

Family Engagement Policy 2021-22

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

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