Virtual Academy Teachers

Virtual Academy Teachers

Apply to teach in the Virtual Academy!

  • The virtual learning environment presents unique opportunities that require the student, teacher, and family to work together to promote a positive learning experience. Review the minimum commitments for students, teachers and families in the WCPSS Virtual Academy.

    Position Details

    Virtual Academy teachers will:

    • Deliver specific course content in an online environment;
    • Provide virtual instruction and support;
    • Manage the learning process, and focus on students’ individual needs;
    • Monitor student progress through the Learning Management System; and
    • Work closely with students and families to advance each student’s learning toward established goals.

    While our preference is for Virtual Academy teachers to report onsite to their assigned school, Human Resources may approve telework for teachers assigned to schools in which space is limited or for teachers hired after July 20 in positions that have been difficult to fill.

    Some Virtual Academy teachers may serve students from multiple schools even though they are assigned to one base school. 

    Based on enrollment in Virtual Academy, some positions may return to supporting in-person instruction in the second semester.  


    How To Apply

    Access AppliTrack and select a Virtual Academy position at your desired location. Site administrators will contact you if you are selected for an interview.


    Minimum Qualifications

    • Bachelor’s degree in Education with appropriate subject area.
    • Hold or be qualified to hold a North Carolina Professional Educator’s License in a teaching content area.
    • Experience working in a virtual environment is preferred.

    Salary and Contracts

    Teachers will be paid per the Teacher/Certified Staff Salary Schedule

    New Hires will be placed on a contract with an end-date of June 30, 2022.  Transfers from within WCPSS will keep their current contract status.



    Contact us via the Human Resources Let’s Talk form.