• Former Employee Resources

    Below is a collection of resources for former employees needing information and documents related to their time working for WCPSS. For information or needs not listed, please contact hr@wcpss.net for assistance.


    Employment Verification Service

    We have partnered with Experian Verify (formerly UConfirm - details below) to offer a web-based employment and wage verification program for our employees. This is an automated service that will provide lending institutions and other verifiers with past and present wage/employment information in a fast and easy manner.


    Evaluation Requests

    Please email eval-support@wcpss.net and include the specific evaluations requested as well as your WCPSS employee number or the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (or ITIN) as an identifier.



    Paystubs are available for up to 6 months after end of employment. 


    Tax Forms

    1095-c Duplicate Request Form

    W-2 Duplicate Request Form

    Inquiries regarding other forms may be addressed by e-mail to reporting@wcpss.net. Please include:

      • Full name as it appears on your Social Security card
      • Employee number (please do not send Social Security number)


    Retirement Resources