Application Process for Magnet and/or Year-Round Schools

Wiley Magnet ES
  • The main magnet and year-round application period has ended for the 2021-22 school year. If you are new to Wake County or missed the application periods, email for information on our magnet schools.

    Applications are NOT first-come, first-served. Families are notified if they received a seat at an application school.


    Who is eligible to apply

    • Only students enrolled in a Wake County Public School System school for the 2021-22 school year.
    • Students who do not currently attend a WCPSS school – charter, private or homeschool – will need to enroll online and get a student ID number prior to submitting an application.


    How we prioritize your student's application to multiple schools

    • Families can apply to more than one school, including applying to multiple magnet and year-round choices. You should know that applications are prioritized based on the type of school. Learn how we prioritize multiple applications.


    How we select students for magnet schools

    • The purpose of the magnet schools program is to reduce high concentrations of poverty in schools; promote diverse school populations; maximize use of school facilities and provide innovative educational opportunities. To that end, we consider two key factors in considering magnet applications:
      • Socioeconomic status of the area where the applying student resides
      • Projected overall socioeconomic status of the school to which that student is assigned for next year. 
    • Learn how we select students for magnet schools based on these factors.



    • Choosing a school also means choosing transportation services. Make sure both fit the needs of your family.
    • Verify the type of transportation you are eligible for by searching for your address in the Base School Locator. Click on "View Application Schools" to see the list of magnet, early college and calendar options and the transportation service.
    • Some magnet schools may require parents to provide transportation either to school or to an express bus stop. Some magnet students who receive neighborhood busing can experience ride times longer than a hour. 

    Results and Options

    • Magnet or year-round application results are not eligible for appeal.
    • If you are not satisfied with your magnet or year-round school placement, you may apply to attend your base school during the Request for Transfer Period at the end of February 2021.  "Back to base" requests submitted during this transfer period are guaranteed to be approved.
    • You will remain in the applicant pool for your first choice magnet or year-round school if you request back to your base school. 


    Applicant pools

    • Students who do not receive a seat at their first-choice magnet or year-round school will be placed in an applicant pool for that school. If you applied to more than one school, you may be assigned to one of your other choices and remain in the applicant pool for your first choice magnet or year-round school. 
    • Applicant pools will be reviewed in the spring. You will be notified in your online account if you receive a seat in your first-choice school. 


Apply to a Magnet or Year-Round School

How to Apply Online

Early College School Application Period

The period to apply to an Early College School ended on Jan. 6. Learn more.