English as a Second Language

  • The goal of English as a Second Language Services is to prepare students to function successfully in classrooms where English is the medium of instruction for all subject areas.

    It is our mission to teach the English language to ESL students so they can gain access to the standard course of study, graduate with a diploma and participate fully in US society. The ESL program strives to keep ESL students in school in order to give them the English language and academic skills necessary to obtain a diploma and successfully function in the United States. ESL is funded by State and Federal Programs.

    WCPSS Language Assistance Program for English Language Learners

    English Language Learner (ELL)/ Limited English Proficient (LEP) refers to students who report a home language other than English and are in the process of acquiring English language proficiency.

    An annual LEP Plan is created for each student based upon the most recent data available and the professional judgment of the teachers responsible for instruction.

    English as a Second Language (ESL)
    The goal of ESL is to support English Language Learners’ academic achievement by accelerating English language development and facilitating essential understanding(s) through connections with grade-appropriate skills and concepts.

    ESL curriculum and instruction varies according to ELLs current levels of English proficiency and grade levels. Instruction ranges from building academic language for creating a foundation for learning to guiding and expanding the development of a child’s use of more advanced language skills.

    School-Wide Language Assistance
    In addition to ESL instruction, WCPSS schools provide language supports to ensure English Language Learners have access to grade level instruction throughout the school day. Collaboration with ESL teachers, collaborative teacher teams, and professional learning opportunities facilitate appropriate service delivery.

    If your child’s primary language is not English

    WCPSS must administer a state-mandated proficiency test to determine eligibility for language assistance services.  The results of this test will help school staff know the level of language support your child may need. Contact the Center for International Enrollment for more information.