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    Calendar Conversions

    The Office of School Choice staff will be inviting families and school-based staff members to join a virtual public engagement session to learn more about a potential calendar change for Pine Hollow Middle and Rolesville Middle for the 2025-26 school year. During these sessions, staff will explain the data and processes that we take into consideration when considering a change to a school’s calendar. To capture feedback from the public, a Thought Exchange will be launched during the first virtual information session. As feedback is collected, a series of frequently asked questions will be posted on this page to assist families with any questions or concerns they may have. The information captured in the ThoughtExchange will be used to help inform the Board before their final decision.  


    Why is this being proposed?

    The purpose of multi-track year-round schools is to address capacity issues in high-growth areas. Based on our current forecast, the projected growth is not expected to exceed the available seats at many schools in the area. Staff is seeking public input on converting Pine Hollow Middle and Rolesville Middle to either a Track 4 only or a Traditional calendar. Elementary schools in those areas are not being proposed to change their calendar at this time. Due to K-3 class size legislation, additional seats provided by multi-track year-round schools are still needed at the elementary level. The calendar change may cause some students to be assigned back to their base school, however, staff will recommend the Board approve options for families affected by this proposal to apply for a stability transfer and remain at their current school without district transportation.



    Virtual Information Sessions

  • Frequently Asked Questions Review the frequently asked questions from the virtual information sessions.

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