• Strategic Plan 2023-28: Pathways to Excellence & Equity

  • A solid foundation

    In 2015, the district launched Vision 2020. This plan established the district’s profile of a graduate and featured goals focused on learning and teaching, achievement, a balanced assessment system, human capital and community engagement. 

    Listening to our community

    In 2019, we began asking stakeholders what the next phase of our strategic plan should include. And in early 2020, we paused this work to focus on navigating the many challenges of the global pandemic. In late 2021 we transitioned from pandemic response to recovery and returned our focus to this important work.

    We surveyed thousands of students, staff and parents. We conducted dozens of interviews and focus groups. We met with community groups. We asked these stakeholders to identify the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and attitudes that are most important for our students to develop before graduation. We then used this critical feedback to build the framework for a new strategic plan.

    A new framework

    The Board of Education approved the framework for the Strategic Plan 2023-28 in October 2022. The framework structure offers a space for goals focused on improving the life prospects of all learners, eliminating barriers to opportunities, and moving our students toward a more equitable future. This structure also reflects a renewed commitment to key pieces of Vision 2020 and new focus areas to honor lessons learned during the pandemic.

    Our plan

    On May 16, the Board approved the final version of the Strategic Plan. Our plan includes a set of ambitious goals and related metrics to help us measure and report the district’s progress in this critical work. The plan also includes a set of aims that represent the actions we will take to achieve our goals. As we move forward, this site will be updated to reflect our progress as well as feedback we will continue to collect and review from families, staff and our community.