Testing Information

  • This page contains information about the various tests students take throughout the school year.

    The charts show the assessments that teachers are required to administer, by grade level, from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

    More information about each test can be found in the alphabetical listing below.

    Please direct any questions to your principal.

Elementary School Tests

These charts show assessments teachers are required to administer, by grade level.

Middle School Tests

High School Tests

  • These tests are taken at the end of certain high school courses, regardless of student's grade level:

    • NCDPI End-of-Course Tests (Math I, Math III, Biology, English II)
    • NCDPI Career-Technical Education Tests (various courses)
    • Advanced Placement tests (various AP courses; optional)
    • International Baccalaureate tests (various IB courses)

    10th grade

    • Students must take the Pre-ACT.

    11th grade

    • All students must take the ACT in the spring. 
    • Students may take the PSAT.

    12th grade

    • Students in 12th grade pursuing a CTE Concentration take the ACT WorkKeys in the spring.


Test Information

  • ACT

  • ACT WorkKeys

  • Advanced Placement tests

  • i-Ready - Mathematics

  • i-Ready - Reading

  • International Baccalaureate tests

  • North Carolina Early Learning Inventory (NCELI)

  • mCLASS

  • Midyear Benchmark Assessments

  • NCDPI Beginning of Grade 3 Reading Test

  • NCDPI Career-Technical Education Tests

  • NCDPI End of Grade Mathematics Test

  • NCDPI End of Grade Reading Test

  • NCDPI End of Grade Science Test

  • NCDPI End-of-Course Tests

  • NCDPI End-of-Year Summative Math Assessment

  • Number Knowledge Test

  • Pre-ACT

  • PSAT

  • SAT