• Donate

    Financial contributions and in-kind donations are welcomed by schools. Generous individuals and businesses gave over $1.2 million in cash and in-kind contributions to Wake County schools in 2021-22.

    In-kind Gifts

    Our schools welcome donations, but school needs vary depending on the grade level and school's existing resources. To make a gift, please contact our schools directly. For more information, see Board Policy 2410: Public Gifts to School.

    Donating Computer Hardware

    In order to provide computer-related support to our schools in an effective and efficient manner, it is important that the computers across the district are based on a set of approved standards.

    IMPORTANT: We are not currently accepting donated equipment due to COVID-19.

    Donating Vehicles

    All vehicles donated to a school for road use require a transfer of title, license plate, and insurance coverage as specified by Risk Management.

    Donating Chemicals

    No opened containers accepted. The donor should supply the principal with a complete inventory of the chemicals. The inventory shall include the complete name and quantity of the chemical in each container. All containers must be labeled and safety approved.

    Donating Gifts that Require Special Installation

    If special installation of equipment, such as playground equipment, is necessary, the WCPSS Director of General Services must first give approval before the gift can be accepted.

    Other Ways to Donate

    You can also support public education through the Wake Education Partnership, an independent, non-profit organization with a mission of promoting the economic health of Wake County through excellence in public education.