• Wake Leads Nation in National Board Teachers

  • January 8, 2018

    In December 2017, 106 WCPSS teachers earned National Board Certification according to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. In addition, 117 teachers who already had received their National Board Certification earned renewal of their certifications.

    For the past 12 years, our district has had the highest number of National Board Certified teachers in the country. More than 2,000 teachers have earned this high distinction while working in our district. This success is thanks in part to the support we provide to candidates at every step of the process, from initial candidacy through renewal.

    Statewide, 616 teachers achieved this “gold standard” in teaching in 2017. These teachers are part of the first group to certify under a revised process, which is now more affordable and flexible. Under this new process, teachers now have up to three years to complete board certification, as opposed to two years in the previous process.

    Our district also is the first in the nation to partner with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to create a program designed to support third-year teachers as they prepare to pursue board certification. In the district’s Beginner to Board-Certified program, participants attend professional development sessions throughout the year as a cohort and move together through the certification process starting in the fourth year of their career. Eleven new NBCTs who participated in the first Beginner to Board-Certified cohort achieved board certification this past December. Many others in cohorts one and two are continuing in their pursuit of board certification.

    Seeking National Board Certification demands significant time and effort from a teacher. The process requires teachers to analyze their teaching practices and impact on student learning, to take on leadership roles and to collaborate with their peers. The National Board Certification program is built upon the belief that establishing higher standards for teachers means better learning for students.

    Once a candidate becomes a National Board Certified Teacher, he or she is eligible for a 12 percent pay increase from the state.

    Under the new process, National Board Certification must be renewed every five years.

    Newly certified teachers, along with those receiving renewals this year, will be honored at a celebration in March.

    For more information about National Board certification, visit https://www.wcpss.net/nbct.

    Congratulations to the following teachers who earned or renewed National Board Certification in 2017:

    Abbotts Creek Elementary

    Dana Detelich


    Adams Elementary

    Lindsay Hughes (Renewal)      

    Bhavani Subramanian (Renewal)       


    Alston Ridge Elementary

    Heidi Cousley

    Jodie Damrauer


    Apex Friendship High

    Laura Caldarera (Renewal)


    Apex High

    Susan Evans (Renewal)

    Megan Fackler Bretz (Renewal)

    Todd Miller (Renewal)


    Apex Middle

    Michael Combs

    Stephen Combs

    Kathleen Mancini

    Christine Roberts

    Ryan Rodgers (Renewal)


    Athens Drive Magnet High

    Ginger Harrell (Renewal)

    Shernita Telfair (Renewal)


    Aversboro Elementary

    Vicki Artis (Renewal)

    Consuelo Bryant

    Adrienne Ruckser


    Banks Road Elementary

    Somer Alford

    Meghan Braydich


    Barwell Road Elementary        

    Brett Dixon


    Baucom Elementary

    Melissa Edwards (Renewal)


    Briarcliff Elementary    

    Sallie Wooten


    Brier Creek Elementary  

    Summer Ibrahim

    Jessica Vonderheide (Renewal)


    Brooks Magnet Elementary

    Jennifer Klyne (Renewal)


    Broughton Magnet High  

    David Corsetti (Renewal)

    Mason Mcdaniel (Renewal)

    Juliana Pattisall-Williams (Renewal)

    Stephanie Profio-Miller

    Andrea Urso-Hignutt (Renewal)


    Career and Technical Education

    Phillip Vice (Renewal)


    Carver Elementary

    Melissa Mcelroy (Renewal)


    Cary Elementary

    Sobia Estrela (Renewal)

    Jessica Randall


    Cary High

    Jilla Peasley

    Ana Rodriguez (Renewal)


    Combs Magnet Elementary    

    Rachel Smith


    Conn Magnet Elementary

    Stephanie Anolick (Renewal)

    Tamara Fagan (Renewal)


    Creech Road Elementary

    Patricia Taylor (Renewal)


    Daniels Magnet Middle

    Karen Marconi (Renewal)

    Christina Mitchell Rush


    Davis Drive Elementary

    Kristin Nance


    Davis Drive Middle

    Ashley Green (Renewal)  


    Dillard Drive Elementary

    Gregory Pivec


    Douglas Magnet Elementary

    Sydney Komyati

    Lisa Mentock

    Maggie Yearout


    Durant Road Middle

    Sunny Collins (Renewal)

    Kathleen Vanscoy


    East Cary Middle

    Rachel Warrick


    East Garner Magnet Middle

    Katherine Sokolowski


    East Wake Middle

    Casey Duryea


    East Wake High

    Julia Miller (Renewal)


    Enloe Magnet High

    Elizabeth Greer (Renewal)        

    James Lyttle (Renewal)

    Celia Rowland (Renewal)


    Farmington Woods Magnet Elementary

    Emily Dean (Renewal)

    Sandra Kidd (Renewal)


    Forest Pines Drive Elementary

    Kathryn Brooks

    Elizabeth Newton


    Fuquay-Varina High

    Lisa Bartels

    Todd Dowler (Renewal)

    Blake Norby

    Lynn Womack


    Garner Magnet High

    Theresa Gale (Renewal)  

    Tracy Taylor (Renewal)  


    Green Hope Elementary

    Elicia Dunk


    Green Hope High

    Kevin Hrehor (Renewal)

    Laura Kovalaske

    Jessica Merry


    Heritage Elementary

    Tricia Alford (Renewal)

    Kathryn Lineberry


    Heritage High

    Miles Macleod


    Highcroft Drive Elementary

    Jennifer Butler (Renewal)

    Rachel Castaneda


    Hillburn Academy

    Jennifer Browndorf (Renewal)

    Maureen Mcanarney (Renewal)


    Holly Grove Middle

    David Priest (Renewal)

    Chad Smith (Renewal)


    Holly Ridge Elementary

    Megan Bauer


    Holly Ridge Middle

    Marilyn Jesrani (Renewal)

    Susan Lanehart Rhodes (Renewal)


    Holly Springs High

    Nancy Beichner

    Alan Ellington (Renewal)


    Hortons Creek Elementary

    Kelly Dickerson

    Carol Mohn


    Hunter Magnet Elementary

    Sarah Duris

    Julie Oliver (Renewal)

    Angela Parham (Renewal)

    Alicia Tanceusz (Contres)

    Kimberly Williamson


    Jeffreys Grove Magnet Elementary

    Nancy East


    Jones Dairy Elementary

    Rachel Childs (Renewal)

    Angela Tillery (Renewal)


    Lake Myra Elementary

    Kimberlee Holton (Renewal)

    Jennifer Quinn

    Sherry Strutz (Renewal)

    LaDawn Underhill


    Laurel Park Elementary

    Melissa Mcgahey (Renewal)


    Lead Mine Elementary

    Gloria Butler (Renewal)


    Leesville Road High

    Wendell Barnwell (Renewal)

    Alyssa Montgomery


    Lockhart Elementary

    Jamie Castellano

    Sloan Testerink


    Lufkin Road Middle

    Elizabeth Barlow


    Martin Magnet Middle

    Jennifer Townsend (Renewal)


    Middle Creek High

    Peter Briley

    Shannon Jones


    Millbrook Magnet High

    Kierston Bartney

    David Beller

    Joshua Davis

    Julee Dickens

    Colby Erle

    Lauren Genesky

    Jonathan Grow

    Sally Holbert

    Allison Leaptrott


    Mills Park Elementary  

    Haley Jones

    Andrew Mohn

    Meaghan White


    Mills Park Middle

    Maureen Kasegian (Renewal)

    Brigid Lowman

    Stuart Milner

    Michelle Racioppo

    Jennifer Walski


    Moore Square Magnet Middle

    Katherine Price


    Morrisville Elementary

    Jennifer Bracke (Renewal)


    North Garner Middle

    Millicent Hodges Lester (Renewal)


    North Ridge Elementary

    Meredith Jarrett (Renewal)


    North Wake College and Career Academy

    La Toya Brothers (Renewal)

    Megan Walter (Renewal)


    Northwoods Elementary

    Rosemarie Martin (Renewal)


    Oak Grove Elementary

    Jennifer Collins

    Laura Grabowski

    Kenya Snider (Renewal)

    Jolonda Tysor (Renewal)


    Oakview Elementary

    Tiffany Palmer (Renewal)


    Olds Elementary

    Rayshawn Lockhart (Renewal)


    Olive Chapel Elementary

    Kimberly Bossman (Renewal)


    Panther Creek High

    Katherine Beaver (Renewal)

    Joyce Contreras (Renewal)

    John Evans (Renewal)

    Susan Letts (Renewal)

    Gregory Ray

    Amy Spruill (Renewal)

    Matthew Sonstroem


    Partnership Magnet Elementary

    Junica Chavis (Renewal)  

    Joann Huziak (Renewal)


    Penny Road Elementary

    Sarah Fenik (Renewal)


    Pine Hollow Middle

    Nichole Case

    Danny Inscoe (Renewal)

    Julie Stern (Renewal)

    Cassandra West


    Pleasant Grove Elementary

    Mary Jones (Renewal)


    Pleasant Union Elementary

    Jaymie Boose

    Madeline Griep

    Monica Stokes (Renewal)


    Powell Magnet Elementary

    Jessica Gill


    Reedy Creek Elementary        

    Erin Wasko (Renewal)


    River Bend Elementary

    Tara Reske (Renewal)


    River Oaks Middle

    Lynne Petersen (Renewal)


    Rolesville Middle

    Ashley Beal

    Kinea Epps


    Salem Elementary

    Suzan Sudlow (Renewal)


    Salem Middle       

    Jennifer Howland

    Brian Quigley


    Sanderson High

    Grace Carroll

    Linda Driscoll


    SCORE Academy

    Shannon Stone (Renewal)


    Scotts Ridge Elementary

    Catherine Anderson (Renewal)

    Heather Chandler

    Barbara Cooper (Renewal)

    Gretchen Koskoski (Renewal)

    Kristen Noonan (Renewal)

    Heather Sawkiewicz

    Mary Anne Shaw


    Sycamore Creek Elementary

    Melody Brunson (Renewal)

    Jennifer Seha


    Southeast Raleigh Magnet High

    Marcelle Boyd Pettis (Renewal)


    Special Education Services

    Sarah Biddle (Renewal)


    Timber Drive Elementary

    Karen Waller (Renewal)


    Title 1

    Lara Randby (Renewal)

    Denise Zawada (Renewal)


    Underwood Magnet Elementary

    Dawn Berlew (Renewal)


    Wake Early College of Health and Science

    Amy Christensen (Renewal)


    Wakefield High

    Sarah Joyner (Renewal)

    Sara King

    Jodi Riedel (Renewal)   

    Laura Stiles (Renewal)


    Wakefield Middle

    Cora Harper (Renewal)

    Catherine Shifflett


    Wake Forest High

    Victoria Crouse (Renewal)

    Kristi Dunn (Renewal)

    Rachel Prather

    Tara Wojciechowski (Renewal)


    Wake Forest Middle

    Pamela Anderson (Renewal)

    Lori Ellis (Renewal)

    Teresa Toledo (Renewal)


    Wakelon Elementary

    Katrina Joyner (Renewal)

    Lee Small (Renewal)


    Wake STEM Early College High School

    Andrea Gambino


    Wake Young Men’s Leadership Academy

    Kristie Farrell

    Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy

    Vanessa Ramsey Wilkes (Renewal)


    Walnut Creek Elementary

    Maribeth Priest (Renewal)


    Wendell Middle

    Rebecca Collins


    West Cary Middle

    Shwety Goswami


    West Lake Elementary

    Michelle Turner

    Angela Voss Stafford (Renewal)


    West Millbrook Magnet Middle

    Christine Youth


    White Oak Elementary

    Victoria Williams


    Wildwood Forest Elementary

    Melody Johnson (Renewal)

    Sara Roberts


    Willow Springs Elementary

    Kristen Curley (Renewal)

    Lindsay MacLellan

    Beth Strachan

    Karla Tillery


    Yates Mill Elementary

    Michael Cruze (Renewal)

    April Mendzef (Renewal)


    Zebulon Magnet Middle

    LaSaundra Booth


    School Not Identified

    Angela Pearson (Renewal)       

    Marcy Russell (Renewal)