• Facility Rental

    For more than 35 years Community Schools has made school facilities available for community activities.

    Community Use of school facilities includes all events and activities that are presented by groups not sponsored by the school system or by school-sponsored groups holding an event or activity at a school site other than where that group is based.

    The school system also encourages reciprocal long-term partnerships with the community for public and private use and improvement of Wake County facilities.

    See also Board Policy 5030 and Board Policy 5030 R&P: Classification, Fee Schedule, Procedures and Guidelines for Facility Use.


    Do I need insurance to rent a WCPSS facility?

    Yes, a minimum Commercial General Liability insurance coverage of $1 million per occurrence with a $2 million annual aggregate is required. Wake County Board of Education must be listed as Certificate Holder and Additional Insured providing 30-day notice of cancellation. Contact your insurance agent for details of this coverage.

    Can we use the school's supplies and equipment? School supplies may not be used, but for an additional fee, some types of equipment may be used if available and requested in the application.

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You can reach Community Schools at (919) 694 - 0561 or ask any Facility Rental questions via Google Form.