National Board Certification

  • During the last 28 years the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards has advanced the teaching profession by establishing and maintaining the definitive standards of accomplished teaching and certifying more than 125,000 teachers across the country against those rigorous standards.

    Candidates for certification analyze their teaching practices and impact on student learning, take on leadership roles, and collaborate with peers. This hard work pays off as National Board Certified teachers in North Carolina are eligible for a 12 percent pay differential. (See the N.C. Department of Public Instruction's website for more information on the pay differential.) And research has shown that higher standards for teachers means better learning for students.    

    We consistently rank among the highest number of National Board certified teachers in the nation. This success is thanks in part to the support we provide to candidates at every step of the process, from initial candidacy to renewal.

    More than 3,000 teachers have achieved this milestone while working in WCPSS.

    Explore this site to learn more about the National Board Certification process, including the district's first-in-the-nation Beginner to Board-Certified program that provides support to third-year teachers as they prepare to earn Board certification in their fourth year of teaching.