Hiring Process

  • Step 1: Apply Online


    Step 2: Interview and Recommendation



    • Hiring Managers determine which applicants to invite for an interview.
    • If Hiring Managers need more information or would like to set up an interview, the applicant will be contacted directly via phone or email.

    Recommendation and Review

    • Hiring Manager submits a recommendation to Human Resources.  
    • Human Resources will review the applicant’s application for completeness and relevant credentials including  a North Carolina Teacher’s License (if applicable) and Highly qualified information (if applicable). Human Resources also will check to see if the  applicant certified in area for which the request has been submitted.  
    • An incomplete application will delay the process.
    • Send all required documents, including interview and telephone reference forms are sent to Human Resources.


    Step 3: Recommendation for Employment

    • Applicant is sent a link to complete a Criminal Record Check (CRC).  This is sent via email to the email address listed in AppliTrack.
    • Human Resources cannot move forward with the process of the recommendation until the CRC is complete.  
    • Once approved CRC is received, Human Resources will contact the applicant by phone to offer the position.
    • Once applicant accepts the position, a recommendation is submitted to begin the onboarding process.


    Step 4: Onboarding

    • Applicant is sent a pre-registration notification to the email address listed in AppliTrack.
    • Completing pre-registration is a requirement before an applicant can move forward in the onboarding process.
    • Once pre-registration has been confirmed, the applicant will be sent a link to view a series of online orientation videos.  Viewing the videos is a requirement before the applicant can move forward in the onboarding process.
    • Human Resources will confirm the online videos have been viewed by the applicant.
    • Once the online videos have been viewed, the applicant will be contacted to schedule the on-site orientation.


    Step 5: Pre-Employment Orientation

    • Completion of the pre-employment orientation, including submission of required documentation, is mandatory before the applicant can report to the work site. Required documentation is the completed health form and documentation for I-9.