Mission, Vision, Core Beliefs

  • Mission

    The Wake County Public School System will significantly increase achievement for all students by providing a world-class education that equips students with the knowledge and expertise to become successful, productive citizens.


    WCPSS will serve as the national standard for increasing student achievement in the 21st century. Highly effective teachers and principals are empowered to raise the achievement of all children and will provide students with high quality classroom instruction that fosters intellectual development.

    WCPSS recognizes children have different needs. WCPSS is committed to ensuring all students are challenged to reach their full potential and to be accountable partners in their learning. Students will graduate in increasingly higher percentages and compete successfully as productive citizens. WCPSS will continue this community's proud tradition of education leadership and academic excellence with a proactive school staff, effectively supported by the Board of Education and Central Services.

    Core Beliefs

    • All children, regardless of socio-economic circumstances, can be high achieving students.
    • Academic achievement gaps can and will be eliminated.
    • Challenging all students by providing academic rigor is essential to student success.
    • Highly effective principals and teachers are key to improving growth in student achievement.
    • The Board of Education and Central Services promote an environment of continuous improvement and innovation that results in a high performing organization and is 100% focused on student achievement.
    • Supportive and passionate parents, families, student mentors, and other members of the multi-cultural Wake County community are active participants in the education of our students.