• Career Preparation Programs

  • Students will be entering a highly competitive global workforce. Nearly 90% of the fastest-growing jobs in the United States require education beyond high school. Almost all jobs in the foreseeable future will need some form of certification or post-secondary degree. To become career and college-ready, students need 21st-century technical skills, as well as English and mathematics knowledge.

    Our goal is for every student to graduate globally competitive for work and postsecondary education and well prepared for life. Students should see their counselor and Career Development Coordinator to begin developing the skills they need to become career, college and citizenship ready.

    Online Resources

    The following are links to online resources that can assist in planning for college and careers:


    Career Exploration Events

    Most of our career exploration events take place at individual schools. Our middle and high schools host career fairs where students can meet and talk to business professionals.

    The following events attract students from many schools:.

    • Xtreme Beginnings: Sometimes students need a nudge to remind them that there's life after high school and that the choices they make today can help them find a fulfilling career in adulthood. The Wake County business community supports Xtreme Beginnings, our annual career fair in April for 10th and 11th graders.
    • Great Xplorations career fair: High school freshmen investigate careers at our annual Great Xplorations career fair. Students attend along with business and industry representatives. Great Xplorations is a career development event that provides students the opportunity to learn about a variety of careers, observe and engage in career discussions and gain valuable information about careers.

Career Planning

A Career Development Coordinator is available at each of our middle and high schools. Contact your coordinator to learn about career development programs at your school.