• Apprenticeships

    Apprenticeship is one of the oldest methods of job training. This method is an industry-driven education and career-training program based on recognized industry standards. It is a means by which employers address current and projected employment needs. This program is a partnership between business, industry, education, and North Carolina Department of Labor (DOL), along with parents and youth apprentices.

    Some apprenticeship characteristics are:

    • Use of a skilled journeyman to help instruct the apprentice.
    • Combination of classroom-related instruction with structured work-based learning
    • Employment by an employer who has a direct need for trainees in the occupation. * Incremental pay scale that increases with skill and knowledge development
    • Training of a highly skilled technician or craft person
    • Appropriate for occupations that do not require a college degree but require a high level of skill and knowledge
    • Registration by the North Carolina Department of Labor, Apprenticeship and Training Division. The Division provides free assistance to the employer and to the apprentice and certifies both the training program and the newly trained journeyman.


    High school apprenticeship hours and experience can be counted toward an adult apprenticeship leading to a completed journeyman certificate. High school apprenticeships differ from regular apprenticeships. The primary difference is that the student may start at an earlier age (16 vs.18), and the student may operate equipment that regular workers may not operate at that age.

    Business sponsors

    Students or potential business sponsors interested in learning more about the apprenticeship program should contact the Career Development Coordinator (CDC) at their high school.