• Work-Based Learning

    Work-based learning experiences are a valuable component of the School-to-Career program. Students who participate in these learning experiences are better prepared to be career-focused and globally competitive. The range of experiences available can be illustrated as a spectrum -from limited career exploration to in-depth work assignments.

    Work-based learning experiences provide an integration of core and technical instruction, which enhances the overall curriculum, increases learning, promotes instructional rigor and meets the educational needs of all students.

    Real work setting

    One essential aspect of the work-based learning experience is to place the student in a real work setting away from school. Therefore, the NC State Board of Education requires that work-based learning experiences occur at a location other than the student's school.


    The Career Development Coordinator at each middle and high school oversees the Work-Based Learning program at his/her school. It is his/her responsibility to ensure that all teachers involved with work-based learning experiences understand the correct procedures, are using the correct forms, and are submitting student information on a timely basis.

    We have liability insurance coverage for all students who participate in officially-recognized work-based learning activities. Students must be registered before they go to the work-based learning experience in order for this insurance to be in effect.


    Youth Workers (under 18 years old) Information about youth employment certificates (worker's permit) for underage workers can be found on the North Carolina Department of Labor website.

    The Career Development Coordinator at each high school may be qualified to process youth employment certificates. Child Labor information can be found on the United States Department of Labor web page.