• Air Force

    The mission of the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Course (AFJROTC) program is to “develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community.” The AFJROTC is designed as a four-year program. Although participation in the entire program is encouraged, students may take one to four years if desired.

    A special partnership exists between AFJROTC and the Healthful Living department to provide students with their Healthful Living credit needed for graduation. To receive the Healthful Living credit required for graduation, students must successfully complete both Air Force JROTC/Healthful Living I and Air Force JROTC/Healthful Living II. The AFJROTC and Healthful Living departments deliver these courses through a collaborative team teaching approach. Classes meet with the same frequency as other full-credit classes.

    Regulation Air Force uniforms are issued free of charge and are worn once each week and for appropriate cadet functions. Trips to various military facilities are taken throughout the year to observe military operations first hand. Supervised orientation flights aboard military aircraft are offered when available from supporting military bases. The cadet corps color guard and drill teams compete against other JROTC units throughout the state and perform at school and community events. Returning cadets are offered an opportunity to attend a Summer Cadet Officer Leadership School. Corps activities and class work are designed to build camaraderie among the cadets. Students are given the opportunity to build on their social and leadership skills in a variety of challenging and enjoyable activities.

    No military service obligation results from participation in the AFJROTC program. Further, the AFJROTC program is not a recruiting platform for the U. S. Military Services. However, upon graduation, students with two or three years of AFJROTC, and who are otherwise qualified, may enlist in a branch of the military with advanced rank and pay. Students going on to college may qualify for three and four-year senior ROTC college scholarships, which pay for all tuition, fees and books, in addition to a tax-free stipend of $300.00 each month for the scholarship holder.