Early College Application Process

  • You will need time to submit a complete Early College application. The process requires a student-written essay for each school, recommendations from a ELA teacher, a math teacher and a school administrator, plus two years of grades, current grades, and two years of standardized test scores.  

    Application Process

    1. We encourage you to first explore your options by attending information sessions, including the Early College Fair on Oct. 12 and the Magnet, Early College and Year-Round Fair on Oct. 26
    2. The application period begins on Oct. 12 and ends Dec. 16. Applications are not first come, first served.
    3. If you are not already enrolled, you need to enroll in your base school for your address. Find your base school.
    4. You can start your enrollment forms online at wcpss.net/enroll
    5. Once enrolled, create your parent account at earlycolleges.wcpss.net/apply. You must have an active student ID number.
    6. You will complete your application in the parent account. You may apply to any school to which you are eligible
    7. You will be notified of results on Feb. 19, 2020. View Early College selection priorities.
    8. If you are selected you will be automatically assigned to that school. If you are not selected, you will be placed in the waiting list, known as an applicant pool, for your first-choice school only. 


    Information About Magnet and Early College Applications

    • You may apply to both Early Colleges and magnet schools.
    • The Early College application will be processed first.
    • If the student is selected for the Early College, the student will be assigned to the Early College and the magnet applicaton will not be processed.
    • If the student is not selected for the Early College, the student will be assigend to the application pool (waiting list) for the Early College and the magnet application will be processed.
    • You may be seated at your first choice magnet school and that would be your new assigned school.
    • If not, it is possible to be placed in the application pool for both your first choice Early College and your first choice magnet school. You will be notified if you receive a seat at either. 

Apply to Early College

The Early College application period is Oct. 12 -Dec. 16. Application portal.