Employment Verification Service

  • We have partnered with a third party vendor, Barnett Associates, Inc., to offer a web-based Employment and Wage verification program for our employees. The portal, the Verify Job System (VJS) is an automated service that will provide lending institutions and other verifiers with past and present wage/employment information in a fast and easy manner. 

    The following exceptions apply:

    • Teaching experience verifications for obtaining licensure in other states
    • Student loan forgiveness employment certifications
    • New employees who have not yet received their first paycheck
    • Previous employees who left WCPSS prior to 2013.

    To request assistance for any of these exceptions, please email us at HRVerification@wcpss.net.

    Verify Job System (VJS)

    The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so your lenders or other verifiers will have immediate access to the information they need to provide the service you require as their customer. The VJS can be used when applying for a home loan, reference checking, leasing an apartment, or similar instances where proof of employment is necessary. It also supports social services and other government agencies verifications.

    The VJS manages the process in accordance with all state and federal laws designed to protect the security of your confidential information. Information is provided below, as well as on the attached flyer, that you can share with your lending institution or verifier to access the system and obtain the information they require.

    Employees have one, free-of-charge, verification per year allowed but they must call the VJS customer service line, at 1-800-800-4857, to request that the fee be waived. The VJS team will then prepare the verification report and mail it to the employee's address on file within approximately seven days.

    How does it work?

    Private Companies (Banks, Background Checks, Apartments, etc.)

    Must visit WWW.VJSUS.COM. They will need to provide:

    • Company Code - 9023
    • Employee’s full SSN
    • Salary PIN (Only needed for wage verification - NOTE: Salary PIN=WCPSS Employee ID Number)

    Government Agency Requests

    Must be faxed to (910) 392-8159 on the agency’s letterhead. The request must include:

    • Employee’s name
    • Last four digits of SSN
    • Salary PIN (Only needed for wage verification - NOTE: Salary PIN=WCPSS Employee ID Number)
    • Name of employer (Wake County Public School System)

    Employee Requests (For Personal Use or for Immigration and Adoption purposes)

    Employees must call (910) 392-0811 or toll free, 1-800-800-4857 to have the verification fee waived and to request the appropriate form. The form also can be found by clicking on the link below. They will need to provide:

    • Company Code - 9023
    • Last four digits of SSN
    • Salary PIN (WCPSS Employee ID Number)

    Verification of Employment and Income Instructions

    VJS Request Form