• Student Teachers and Pre-Service

    Student Teaching, Internship and Pre-Service Placements

    Our district has a dynamic Student Teaching and Internship Program. In a typical year we serve as the host district for nearly 2,000 student teachers, interns, and pre-service students from colleges and universities throughout NC and the nation.

    Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

    As a prerequisite for considering placement requests, colleges and universities must agree to accept the district’s established Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). We use a standard MOA with all colleges and universities with which we partner. The MOA must be finalized before consideration can be given to hosting student placements of any kind. All Agreements are subject to the review and approval of the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources.

    Student Placements

    Any college or university student who wishes to complete required placement hours with our district must submit to an online criminal background check, including national and state sex offender checks in order to be considered for approval. The criminal background check requirement applies to all prospective student teachers, interns, and pre-service students. Students
    must be approved by Human Resources prior to beginning their placement hours.

    Please note that students are not permitted to contact schools or Human Resources to request their own placements. We accept placement requests only from the designated university placement contact at each partner college or university. All requests must be submitted in accordance with our established procedures and due dates. Students are required to work through the placement contact at their college or university to obtain the
    criminal background check instructions and other required documentation.