Address Change

  • If you moved within Wake County during the school year, you have two options: remain at your current school for the remainder of the school year, or attend the base school of your new address. 


    To Stay at Current School

    Update your address with the data manager at your current school. 

    To Attend New Base School

    Update your address with the data manager at your new base school. 


    Transfer and Magnet Students 

    Transfer and magnet students who move to a new address will not be affected. 

    Staying at Current School Next Year

    If you decide to remain at your current school after updating your address, you will need to submit a transfer request during the Request for School Transfer application period if you wish to remain beyond the current school year. 


    If you have any questions regarding the school assignment for a student that has an address change, contact your current school's data manager or the Office of Student Assignment – (919) 431-7333. 

    Important Information about Offer-To-Purchase Agreements

    • They may be used by existing Wake County residents as proof of address.
    • When presenting for enrollment, if your closing date is more than 45 days away, you must contact the Office of Student Assignment (919) 431-7333.
    • They may be used by non-Wake County residents only to pre-enroll for the next school year prior to June 30, if the purchase closing date is on or before June 30.
    • Offer to purchase contracts for homes under construction may require additional documentation of work completed prior to being accepted as a valid proof of address.
    • They may not be used as proof of residence to enroll or pre-enroll at a capped school.