Approved 2021-22 Grandfathering Rules

Grandfathering give students the option of staying at the school they are currently at, but without district transportation.
  • Grandfathering* gives certain students the option of staying at the school they currently attend even if their assignment changes. The following rules apply to students who experienced an assignment change as a result of the opening of Willow Spring High. The grandathering request period begins Tuesday, Dec. 1. All eligible students who submit their request by the deadline of Dec. 11 at 11:59 p.m. will have their request automatically approved. Submit your grandfathering request.


    High School Students Assigned to Willow Spring High

    • Students rising to grades 11 and 12 living in the base attendance area of Willow Spring High cannot attend Willow Spring High, because it is opening for 9th and 10th only.
    • They will remain at their current high school and continue to receive their current level of transportation.
    • Any siblings rising to 9th and 10th grades are eligible to grandfather with their older sibling and stay at their current school. Those younger siblings can then remain at the current school even after the older sibling graduates.
    • Those younger sibilings are eligible to receive transportation only for as long as the older sibling attends that school or they change addresses, whichever comes first. After that, no transportation will be provided.

    High School Students Newly Assigned to Fuquay-Varina High

    • All students whose assignments are proposed to change from an existing school to an existing school (Holly Springs High to Fuquay-Varina High) are eligible to grandfather and remain at their current school.
    • Rising 9th graders newly assigned to Fuquay-Varina High are eligible to grandfather if they have an older sibling attending Holly Springs High. They will be able to stay at Holly Springs High through the exit grade.
    • Grandfathered students do not receive district transportation. 
    *We are aware of the racist origins of the term grandfathering. Our intent is to discontinue use of this term starting next year. We are using it this year to avoid any confusion.