Information for newcomers

  • Where do we enroll our students?

  • I just moved here. What school will my children attend?

Find your base school

  • How do I find my base school?

  • Will my student get transportation to school?

  • How are track assignments made for multi-track year-round schools?

How to enroll

  • What if I have questions about obtaining verified forms such as birth certificates?

  • What is a notary or notarized form?

Change your school - Transfers

  • Who is eligible to submit a transfer application?

  • What are the chances my request for transfer application will be approved?

  • What is the appeal process if a transfer request is denied?

  • How are siblings prioritized?

  • If my application is accepted and I receive a seat at a new school, do I lose the spot in my current school?

  • What if I want to transfer, but I don't have transportation to my desired school?

Change your school - Magnet, Early College and Application Schools

  • What are the chances my magnet application will be approved?

  • If my student is not selected for a magnet school or early college, will they be added to a waiting list?

  • What are my chances of getting in if I am in an applicant pool (waiting list)?

  • If my request to attend an application school is denied, can I appeal?

Enrollment Caps

  • My base school has an enrollment cap. What does that mean?

  • Who may attend a capped school?

  • What if I move into the base attendance area of a school after enrollment has been capped?

  • Where do I enroll if my base school has an enrollment cap?

  • How do I prove residency (domicile) when enrolling?

  • Will I be contacted if a seat opens up at my base school?

Felton Grove High School