What to submit with your request

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When requesting a project involving new construction, submit:

  • Construction drawings with an Architectural or Engineering seal.

  • A site plan that shows the location of the proposed new construction on the campus.

  • List, or show on the site plan, additional/relocation of plumbing or electrical work needed for the project.

  • The name and contact information for the contractor that will be involved in this project.

  • The contractor and architect’s commercial insurance certificates showing the Wake County Board of Education additionally insured.(Insurance requirements are as followed: 1 Million of General Liability, 1 Million of Auto and Workers Compensation)

When requesting a project involving new equipment to the campus, submit

  • Shop drawings and the manufacturer specification that pertain to the new equipment.

  • A site plan showing the location of the new equipment on the campus.

  • If exterior - Drawings show the location of any new underground cabling that will have to be run and where it is tied into the main building.

  • If interior – Drawings showing all new cabling and where that new cabling is tied into the building.

  • If the equipment is playground equipment, please provide a 2-D and 3-D drawing of the playground design.

When requesting a project involving new landscaping to the campus, submit:

  • A site plan showing the entire area subject to additional landscaping.

  • A compete list of all plants that will be used. Refer to Wake County Public Schools Preferred Plant List. (If a plant you would like to use is not listed, submit the plant name with your request for approval, prior to the start of your project.)

  • The number of plants that will be used, and their approximate size at maturity.

  • On the site plan, show any ponds or additional structures that will be added.

  • The type of filler (pine straw, mulch, etc) that will be used.

Please refer to the design guidelines for a copy of the Preferred Plant List, Fencing Guidelines, Irrigation Systems Guidelines, and Playground Equipment Guidelines.

Please note - If the project requires permits or municipality reviews, a copy of all documentation must be sent to facilities prior to the start of the project.