Design Guidelines

Modern Technology Facilitates Design
  • Overview

    The Design Guidelines have been developed to assist the Architect-Engineer in the planning and design of functional, cost effective and durable educational facilities that are attractive and enhance the educational experience for their students. Designers are encouraged to develop the attractiveness in a straightforward manner by utilizing standard building materials and details with a minimum of ornamentation and special treatments. Highest priority should be placed on the development of the interior learning environment with full attention given to the development of appropriate casework, outlets, lighting, etc.

    The Guidelines incorporate experiences and lessons learned from past building improvement programs and have been organized in accordance with CSI’s format. They are not intended to limit or control opportunities for innovative design but rather to assist the Designers in understanding certain planning requirements, design criteria, and concern regarding reduction of energy consumption. Nevertheless, whenever the design of facilities varies from the requirements and considerations of the Guidelines, the Designer shall obtain prior approval in writing from the Owner.

    Please note that separate Educational Specifications and Building Programs listing detailed space and equipment requirements will be issued for each building project.

    These Guidelines should be of great benefit to Designers as well as the Owner. The entire design and construction process will be strengthened and less complicated if all concerned utilize the Guidelines at each phase of project design and approval. As the Guidelines will continue to evolve through the Owner’s experience and desire to improve projects, your comments and recommendations are invited for future revisions.