Facility Assessments and Lifecycle


    Facility Assessments 

    Wake County Public School System implements assessment procedures to create a comprehensive District-Wide Facility Management Plan for facilities, site and equipment by:

    • Assessing the maintenance needs for every facility utilized by Wake County Schools on a seven year cycle.
    • Providing valid data to be used for maintenance cost analyst to help with the yearly maintenance budgets and bond needs.
    • Inventorying new equipment installations and building construction with accurate data for use by other departments while servicing and maintaining our facilities.



    Wake County Public School System undertakes large scale equipment, envelope and site replacements through the Lifecycle Department. The lifecycle department accomplishes this for:

    • Roof/window replacements, envelope refurbishments and correction of settlement issues with footings/wall assemblies.
    • Site improvements such as athletic tracks, tennis courts and onsite vehicular surfaces.
    • Building systems including HVAC, building automation, fire alarm, lighting, electrical and plumbing systems.



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Nathan Slavik
Senior Director, Maintenance & Operations