• Joint Use

    We encourage use of facilities by municipalities, community groups, other local organizations and individuals to maximize public and private utilization of facilities.

    Municipalities and organizations interested in partnership agreements for a term greater than one year must agree to our priority for the safety, security, and education of students. The programmatic and educational needs of the school system come before all other non-scholastic activities at the facilities.

    Facilities available for shared use are defined as any area of public school or administration property, including but not limited to a school’s athletic play and practice fields, auditorium, cafeteria, classrooms, hallways, and gymnasium, etc.. There are four levels of community access for WCPSS facilities. Level 1 and Level 2 are handled by the WCPSS Community Schools office and appropriate when desired use is for a period of less than one year. Further information on Level 1 and Level 2 may be found at their website linked above. Level 3 access is appropriate when use is for a period of one year or more and is handled by the WCPSS Facilities, Real Estate Services. Level 4 access is reserved for WCPSS partnerships with municipalities.

    Joint Use Agreements contain “areas of concern” that include liability, maintenance, ownership, scheduling, term or length of the agreement and termination clauses for the agreement. If you are interested in beginning negotiations for a Level 3 Joint Use Agreement, please download the Application for Organizations, fill out the form and then follow the instructions provided for submittal to RES.

    Types of joint use

    Level 1

    • WCPSS schedules user groups
    • Use request submitted at least 30 days in advance
    • Rental Rates Apply
    • Examples: Family Reunions, Music Recitals

    Level 2

    • WCPSS schedules user groups
    • Arrangement for less than 1 year or for a season
    • Possibility of reduced rental fee along with In-Kind Service such as maintenance and/or equipment use
    • Facility Improvements and In-Kind Service
    • Examples: Sports Organizations (e.g., soccer, baseball, etc.)

    Level 3: Joint Use Agreement

    • Term 1 to 10 years for fields
    • Term 1 to 25 years for structures
    • Facility improvements and negotiated fees
    • Maintenance and negotiated fees
    • Examples: Athletic Sports Groups/Municipalities

    Level 4: Joint Use Agreement (Municipalities & Fields/Outdoor Facilities Only)

    • 25 year term
    • Municipality access without fee along with joint scheduling via regular site coordination meetings
    • Public access through the municipality
    • Municipality improves school property and/or facility
    • Higher Maintenance Standard

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Adam Perry, Joint Use Administrator: afperry@wcpss.net