Why is a Facilities Modification Request required?

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Listed below are some of the problems that can be avoided when a Facilities Modification (FacMod) Request is completed, submitted and processed.

  • Room becomes too hot after being converted into a computer lab. ;- Computers generate heat and have special requirements for electrical and network wiring. Converting an existing classroom into a computer lab requires consideration for HVAC, electrical, technology networks, etc.

  • An area has insufficient water and electrical hookups. ;- A washer/dryer is purchased and delivered for use in an athletic facility prior to plumbing and electrical being evaluated.

  • Increase in bee stings in high traffic areas. ;- New landscaping is added without consideration of the preferred types of plants.

  • Planting trees and shrubs, which obstruct windows. ;- New landscaping is added in front of windows without considering the height of the mature trees/shrubs.

  • Failure to comply with current building codes. ;- Constructing a new structure on your campus without considering current ADA, Federal, State, and local code requirements.

  • Sidewalks and pavement rupture and crack. ;- Planting trees and plants too close to the sidewalks and buildings without considering the growth of the roots.

  • A newly constructed nature trail or outdoor teaching space is destroyed. ;- New/Future construction is planned for that location.

  • Exceeding the impervious surface percentage requirement for your campus. ;- Adding concrete sidewalks, basketball courts, hard surface play areas, etc., resulting in the school being fined by the city/county.

  • Paint peeling off the walls from an area that your PTA recently painted. ;- Not properly preparing the surface, or using correct paint.

  • The school is “written up” by the Fire Marshall. ;- Students were placed in an area not appropriate for use as a teaching space, and the room then does not meet fire code.

  • Failure to comply with Wake County School Systems Educational Specifications. ;- Placing special needs students in a room not designated as an exceptional children classroom, when it is required that the Wake County Public Schools System must provide all students with comparable spaces. (This is an issue that can have legal consequences.)