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Conn Magnet Elementary Celebrates with a Ribbon Cutting

People cutting the ribbon at Conn Magnet Elementary Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.


September 29, 2021


Conn Magnet Elementary School of Entrepreneurial Design held an official ribbon cutting on Wednesday, Sept. 29. Speakers included Principal Gabriel Chidester, 5th grade students Sophia King and Einon Labus-Jones, Superintendent Cathy Moore, and Board of Education Chair Keith Sutton.


County Commissioners Vickie Adamson, Shinica Thomas and Maria Cervania, Central Area Superintendent Dr. Ashlie Thompson, and other dignitaries also were in attendance.


Attendees enjoyed refreshments and a school tour following the ceremony.




About Conn Magnet Elementary


Opening on January 3, 1955, the school was named after Emma Conn, a teacher and principal for 50 years.


The new 111,367 square foot design includes 43 teaching spaces on the 13-acre property located at 1221 Brookside Drive, Raleigh. Older classrooms and other spaces were upgraded. The project addressed many outstanding maintenance and modernization needs.