• Special Transportation Frequently Asked Questions


    How do I know who will be providing my child’s transportation? 

    You may view transportation information by logging into your child’s PowerSchool account. The Assistant Principal at the school has a roster and can also give you information on the provider.  

    My child is assigned to a vendor. When will I be contacted? 

    The vendor will contact you prior to your child’s first day of school. The vendor will confirm service and will provide you with the pick up time and stop information. 

    What do I do if the vendor does not pick up my child as scheduled?

    Contact your student’s assigned vendor directly first. WCPSS contracts with the vendors listed below: 

    • Circle Taxi Inc. 919-954-8375
    • CMC Transportation LLC 919-650-3754 
    • Lucas Transportation Inc. 919-790-9388 
    • STA- Student Transportation of America 919-364-8094 
    • VGI Transportation LLC 919-244-6748 

    If you do not reach the vendor or receive satisfaction, call WCPSS Transportation at 919-805-3030 and select option 5 for vendor transportation. If you do not reach a live person, please leave a message. A ticket is automatically created when a message is left. The first available representative will begin to work on your concern.

    Who do I contact if I am having issues with the vendor or bus route?

    Contact the WCPSS Transportation Department by calling 919-805-3030 and select option 5 to speak with customer service. 

    How can I get support signing up for the Here Comes the Bus app?

    If you need assistance signing up for the Here Comes the Bus app, please go to www.wcpss.net/herecomesthebus  

    I think my child needs special transportation. Who do I contact? 

    Special Transportation is a related service. Contact your child’s case manager to request an IEP meeting.