• Special Education Transitions - Frequently Asked Questions


    What is a transition meeting for my child going to middle school next year and how do I request one for my child?

    The typical process includes the elementary school Case Manager requesting an IEP meeting to review your child’s progress monitoring data, accommodations and modifications in order to make decisions about your child’s transition to middle school. In most cases the case manager will request a representative from the base middle school to participate in the IEP meeting, who will provide the team with information pertaining to middle school
    programming. You may invite others to the attend. 

    I missed the Open House for my child’s new school. How do I plan a visit to the new school?

    Contact the principal of the school.

    Who do I contact about my child’s IEP at the new middle school?

    Your child will be assigned a case manager at the middle school. Contact the Principal to identify the case manager.

    My child has a wheelchair and Assistive Technology equipment. Who will share this information with the new school and train the staff?

    The related service provider and AT staff will contact and schedule to train the staff at the new school on how to provide support to the
    student and use the equipment properly before the first day of school for the student.

    Where can I find information about program descriptions and locations in WCPSS?

    Find a description for each program offered by the district as well as the current locations of programs. 


    My child has special education transportation as a related service in their IEP. Will my child have special transportation to the transfer school?

    Special transportation as a related service outlined in the IEP is provided to a child’s assigned school. Parents are responsible to provide transportation to transfer schools even if the child has special transportation as a related service. See transfer guidelines on the transfer request application form.

    My child is transitioning to the next school level. Will my child have the the same mode and/or type of vehicle at the next school?

    Students transitioning from one school level to the next may experience a change in mode and/or vehicle. Refer to Powerschool or contact the school for transportation information.

    Who decides if my child receives special transportation as a related service?

    The decision to provide transportation as a related service is determined by the IEP team through the reevaluation process.

    If my child attends a magnet school, will WCPSS provide special transportation?

    Transportation for students who have been approved through the Magnet Application Process to attend a magnet school will be provided transportation by WCPSS. Some magnet schools may require parents to provide transportation.

    Student Assignment and Transfers

    How is it decided what school my child will attend next year for an ECS program?

    The current classroom teacher will review progress monitoring data to determine what services are necessary as indicated by the current
    IEP. This information/recommendation is submitted to Special Education Services (SES)The SES Administrator determines the base school for the program and availability of space. If there is no space at the base school then the Administrator will check for availability at the next closest school with the program.

    How do parents identify capped schools?

    Find information about capped schools.

    Are students with IEPs allowed to apply for a school transfer?

    Yes, students with IEPs may request a school transfer just like all students. Learn more.


    What literacy program can I expect in kindergarten?

    Letterland is a phonics program used as part of the literacy instruction in most elementary schools.