• Disciplinary Procedures
    WCPSS may suspend any student for certain violations of the student code of conduct. A student with a disability who is removed from their current placement for more than 10 school days must continue to receive educational services, so as to allow him/her to continue to participate in the general education curriculum in another setting; continue to progress toward meeting goals outlined in his/her IEP; AND receive, as appropriate, a functional behavioral assessment (FBA), and behavioral intervention services and modifications that are designed to address the behavior violation.

    After 10 school days of suspension, the child’s IEP Team must determine whether the student’s misconduct is a manifestation of the disability. A removal from current placement is generally termed an out-of-school suspension (OSS), in-school suspension (ISS) if special education services are not provided, or a removal from the bus if transportation is a related service on your child’s IEP.

    Secondary students who have been recommended for long-term suspension and no manifestation is found may have the opportunity to attend one of the following programs to receive the educational services.

    Middle School School-based Setting: Transitions at The Dubois Center

    Students in grades 6-8 may receive their educational services at Transitions, a school-based site. Currently, the Transitions Program is located at The Dubois Center (530 E. Perry St., Wake Forest, NC 27587). The school day lasts from 10am-5pm Monday through Friday and follows the traditional calendar schedule, with lunch and transportation provided. The program includes Common Core Academic Instruction along with Academic Recovery, Social Recovery, Literacy and Parent Involvement.

    High School School-based Setting: Evening Programs

    Students in grades 9-12 who are on Future Ready Core may receive their educational services at one of the WCPSS Evening Program sites. 
    • The Garner Evening Program is currently located at Garner High School (2101 Spring Dr., Garner NC 27529).
    • The Sanderson Evening Program is currently located at Sanderson High School (5500 Dixon Dr., Raleigh, NC 27609).
    • The Knightdale Evening Program is currently located at Knightdale High School (100 Bryan Chalk Lane, Knightdale, NC 27545). 
    At the evening program sites, the school day is 5pm-8pm Monday through Thursday and follows the traditional calendar schedule (high school block schedule), with transportation provided. The program includes Core Academic Instruction along with Social Recovery and individualized plans for credit recovery.

    Middle & High School Home Based Setting: Home/Hospital Services

    While WCPSS serves the majority of long-term suspended students in a school based setting, some students have such unique or intense needs that the IEP team makes a recommendation for home/hospital services. In cases where this is found appropriate, the hours/locations of service are based on the needs of the individual student. Every 30 days, a review of services is conducted to determine if the home/hospital setting continues to be appropriate to meet the student’s needs. Transportation may be provided as needed if services are provided in a community location.
    If you have questions about special education discipline issues, please contact the Office of Family and Community Connections in Special Education Services, Contact Us | Contàctenos
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Procedural Safeguards: Handbook on Parents' Rights

WCPSS Student Due Process: Suspension Appeal Hearings

Information about appealing a suspension is available here.
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