Special Education Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

  • I will be moving. How will transportation know my new address? 

    Once your address is changed at the school by the data manager, the transportation department will receive the information and route accordingly.


    Who will be providing my child’s transportation?

    The transportation provider will be listed in your child’s PowerSchool account.


    My child is assigned to a vendor. When will I be contacted?

    The vendor will contact you prior to the start of service. The vendor will confirm service and provide pick up time and stop information.


    How do I request an alternative drop off/pick up?

    Complete the online request form or contact your child’s school.


    This year we were assigned to an overflow school. My child has done well and I want him to stay there but it would be on a transfer next year. Will he or she receive transportation?

    Parents are responsible for providing transportation to the transfer school even if the child has special transportation as a related service.


    My child needs special transportation. Whom do I contact?

    Special Transportation is a related service. Contact your child’s case manager to request an IEP meeting.