• Welcome to the new school year! 

    Here are some brief summaries, with links to more detail, that explain what students can expect when they return to school. We encourage you to keep this message handy and refer to it as needed.


    ☑️ Review the Student/Parent Handbook

    This guide helps students and families understand the rules and expectations for behavior in school, on the way to and from school and during school-sponsored activities. Every student receives a hard copy at the beginning of the school year.  Learn more. 

    ☑️ Promoting school safety

    Our district has policies and procedures to promote safety for all students and staff at school. Most WCPSS schools are outfitted with electronic security systems including burglar alarms, camera systems and access card systems. To prepare for an emergency, each school conducts emergency and inclement weather drills for students and staff annually. We also operate a tip line and encourage any member of the community to report threats or safety concerns. Learn more.

    ☑️ Report COVID cases to your child’s school

    It is important for families to report positive COVID-19 cases to their child’s school. Daily reporting allows the district to detect early trends on a campus or across campuses. In keeping with the timeline used by county health officials for public reporting, our Covid-19 dashboard will be updated each Monday with the previous week's cases. If your child is not feeling well, please have them stay home and get tested. Consult wcpss.net/whentoreturn to learn when to return after a positive diagnosis. If your student has been exposed, they can stay in school as long as they are not experiencing symptoms and have not tested positive for COVID-19. NCDDHS recommends wearing a mask following a COVID-19 exposure. Learn more.

    ☑️ Apply for free and reduced-price school meals starting July 1

    To receive free or reduced-price meals for the 2022-23 school year, families must submit a meal benefits application online at MySchoolApps.com. Paper copies will be available at your school’s office. For families who completed the 2021-22 meal benefits application, the benefit continues for their student's first 30 school days of the 2022-23 school year. At elementary schools, full-paid breakfast will be $1.50 and lunch will be $3.00. At middle and high schools, full-paid breakfast will be $1.75 and lunch will be $3.25. Learn more.

    ☑️ Supporting student behavioral health

    Students’ social-emotional well-being is supported by all staff. If you have concerns about your child, or want to learn more about how your school supports student well-being, contact your child’s school counselor. School counselors, psychologists and social workers are available in every school. In addition, Counseling and Student Services offers resources that may help students and families improve their health and wellness. Learn more.

    ☑️ Transportation resources and reminders

    Registered year-round calendar bus riders should have received an email on June 23 with detailed information about bus stops and estimated pick-up and drop-off times. That information also can be found in PowerSchool. Contact your school or transportation customer service at 919-805-3030 if you have questions. Families should download the Here Comes the Bus app. It will let you know when your bus will be arriving and if there is a substitute driver. Discuss with your child the importance of appropriate behavior on the bus to help protect everyone in and around the bus. Misbehavior on school buses is subject to disciplinary action. Learn more.

    ☑️ Technology resources for families

    Our website has been updated to provide technology resources for families. Find technology policies, forms and resources on how we keep our students safe online at wcpss.net/technology.

    ☑️ Student accident insurance

    Each school year, parents have the option to purchase accident insurance for their child through a WCPSS-contracted provider, which offers a variety of plans and coverages. Students who participate in interscholastic or intramural activities are required to have insurance per board policy. Student accident insurance can be purchased at the provider’s website any time during the school year. See www.wcpss.net/insurance for the current student accident insurance plans and claim form. Learn more.

  • Please update your contact information

    It is important that your school has the most updated contact information for your family. Families who need to update their contact information should contact their school’s data manager. If you did not receive this message as a text, consider opting in for our text messages by texting YES to 67587.

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