• Frequently Asked Questions


    Wake County Public School System uses SchoolMessenger to contact families using telephone messages, text messages and email messages.

    Schools use the system to communicate information related to school events as well as automated attendance messages. The district uses the system to communicate information related to district-wide events.

    Additionally, parents/guardians have the ability to create a SchoolMessenger account and customize messaging preferences using the SchoolMessenger website or the free SchoolMessenger mobile app.

Contact Information

  • What contact information is used?

  • How do I update my contact information?

  • Can I select the types of messages I want to receive?

SchoolMessenger Account

  • Why should I create a SchoolMessenger account?

  • How do I sign up for my SchoolMessenger account?

Voice Messages

  • I am not receiving phone calls. Who should I contact?

  • I missed a call from my student's school and accidentally deleted my voicemail. How can I retrieve it?

Email Messages

  • How do I subscribe to receive emails?

  • I am currently receiving emails for my student, but no longer want to be notified this way. How can I change this?

  • I changed the email address that is associated with my student. What are my next steps?

  • I accidentally clicked the "Unsubscribe" link in an email message I received from the school. How do I start receiving messages again?

Text Messages

  • How can I opt-in to receiving messages?

  • I received a text message that says it's from SchoolMessenger. What does it mean?

  • Will I be charged for the text messages that I receive from SchoolMessenger?

  • I changed my cell phone number. Do I have to opt-in again?

  • How can I opt-out of receiving text messages?

Additional Support

  • Who should I contact if I have questions?