End-of-Semester and Year Assessments

Types of Assessments

  • Within the Wake County Public School System, there exist three types of summative assessments which can occur at the end of enrollment in a class. They are listed below with a brief description of each. Per state school board policy, these assessments constitute 20% of a student's final grade within a course unless a student is following the Occupational Standard Course of Study.

    At Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School, these tests are administered at the end of each semester (in December and in May).

    • End of Course Assessments

    End of Course (EOC) assessments are given at the end of four courses within high school in North Carolina: Math 1,Math 3, English II, and Biology. These assessments are 4 hours in length and schools must test 95% of all students enrolled in each of these classes.

    • CTE Post Assessments

    Career and Technical Education (CTE) Post Assessments are administered at the end of any CTE course. These exams are federally mandated by the US Department of Education and are approximately 2 hours in length. Schools must test 95% of all students enrolled in each CTE course.

    • Teacher Made Final Exams

    Courses which are not included in the EOC and NCFE lists are assessed using a teacher-made assessment tool. These are specific to school, department, and course. Please contact your student's teacher with questions regarding teacher-made finals.