• While all high school students and some middle school students can register to take the PSAT, the district will only pay for eleventh grade students who are likely to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship. The district will pay for the administration of current eleventh grade students who have a GPA in the top 10% of the district. The GPA cutoff will be provided in the fall. Eleventh grade students with a GPA below the cutoff  and all other students must pay the $18.00 exam fee.

    All students interested in taking the PSAT must sign up--and pay the exam fee--no later than September 21st.

    College Board Accommodations

    Students with an IEP/504 may request that their counselor file for accommodations with College Board. Up-to-date medical documentation must be provided with parental consent. Approved accommodations apply to PSAT/SAT/AP exams.

    Students who wish to test with accommodations must have that information submitted to the College Board by August 24th.