• The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction partners with the ACT to provide students with a transitional assessment program throughout high school. Students take the ACT in their 11th grade year.  The ACT will be administered online in March 6th 2024.

    • MyACT Quick Start Guide: Examinees use MyACT to register and complete non-test information, view and send scores, order test prep, and more.

    Students with Disabilities

    Accommodations provided for ACT Administration are NOT automatically provided for students with IEPs or 504 plans at the school level. The accommodations they are concerned with are test-situation accommodations.  Students with IEPs should speak with their case manager regarding their accommodations and students with 504s must work with their counselor to submit the required paperwork through the ACT TAA System. This begins only when parents submit a completed Release of Student Data Form to Student Services.

    For more information regarding accommodations for the ACT Test, please contact your case manager or counselor.

    Exemption from State ACT Administration

    If a student has already taken the ACT (or SAT) and is happy with the score earned, it is possible that a student could be exempted from the North Carolina Grade 11 administration of the ACT (provided that the state benchmark score has been met). Please review the letter and form linked below and submit the form as well as score reports to the Counseling and Student Services Department.