• Renewal

    Under the current process, National Board Certified teachers (NBCTs) must renew their board certification every 10 years. Our district supports renewing NBCTs by:

    • offering in-person information sessions focused on the renewal process;
    • providing renewing NBCTs the opportunity to work through the renewal process together as a cohort; 
    • assigning renewing NBCTs a support coach; and
    • conducting Support Saturdays in which renewing NBCTs receive additional help and guidance.

    The renewal process requires the submission of a Profile of Professional Growth (PPG) in which applicants must provide evidences of how they have served as a learner, a leader and a collaborator over the life of their certification, with the emphasis on improving student achievement in each of these roles. See the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Renewal and Maintenance of Certfication website for more information.