When to use a Facilities Modification Request

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Use a FacMod Request when you are requesting a change or modification to interior and/or exterior area of your campus/building, such as:

1. Structural/physical changes of interior space, for example:

  • Demolition or new construction of walls, ceilings, floors, stairs, etc.

  • Installation of fixed equipment or furniture requiring utility connections, including HVAC or exhaust ventilation systems.

  • Connecting to building utilities or mechanical systems.

  • Adding hardwired electrical equipment, data outlets and electrical outlets to support technology, etc.

  • Adding/moving shelving or chalk/white boards.

2. Changes in use of interior space, for example:

  • Changing conference rooms to offices, offices to classrooms, Career and Technical Education classrooms to computer labs, etc.

  • If the change in space is due to a course addition or course elimination, please complete the form (Course Addition/Elimination Request) found under the forms section of this site, submit the completed form to the appropriate program reviewer for approval, then submit the approved form with the FacMod to Facilities Design & Construction for review.

  • Changes in the way space is used on your campus may impact capacity. Therefore, a FacMod must be submitted to the Facilities Design & Construction Department in order to track these changes within our database. This will allow Wake County Public Schools to keep the most up-to-date statistics on space utilization.

3. Changes to the exterior of the building.

4. Location of new equipment on the site.

5. Changes or modifications to exterior spaces, (i.e. the grounds or play fields) for example:

  • Installation of playground equipment, (Follow Design Guidelines for Development of Playgrounds criteria) found under the forms section of this site.

  • Constructing dugouts.

  • Adding lighting.

  • Adding bleachers.

  • Installation of a new track.

  • Installation of an irrigation system.

  • Painting of any kind.

  • New plants of any type.

  • New gardens of any kind.

All modifications on your campus need a FacMod submitted to the Facilities Design and Construction Department for review and approval, before proceeding with the work. Regardless of funding source, (e.g. PTA, a corporate sponsor, a grant, school budget or if you are requesting funding through WCPSS Parent Volunteer Matching Grant Funds) a FacMod form must be submitted.

Before Parent Volunteer Matching Grant Funds are approved for your project, a FacMod must be submitted to the Facilities Design & Construction Department, and approved.