Area Superintendents

  •  James Overman Southeastern Area Superintendent
    James Overman | Contact Mr. Overman

    James Overman came to Wake County in 1998 as an Assistant Principal Intern at Timber Drive Elementary. He served as an assistant principal at Leesville Elementary. After serving three years in that capacity, he was named principal at Creech Road Elementary. He opened East Garner Elementary as principal and later transitioned to Central Services where he worked as Senior Director for Elementary Programs. He was named the Elementary Support Area Superintendent in 2015. He was named the Southeastern Area Superintendent in 2019. 

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  • Jonathan Enns   Southwestern Area Superintendent
    Jonathan Enns | Contact Mr. Enns

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  •  Mark Savage Eastern Area Superintendent
    Dr. Mark Savage | Contact Dr. Savage

    Mark Savage began his teaching career at Leesville Road High School in 1997 after teaching in Delaware for five years.   He has served as assistant principal at Sanderson High School, Wakefield High School and Wakefield Middle School.   His principal appointments include Wakefield Middle School, Wakefield High School and Heritage High School.  He was named the Eastern Area Superintendent in 2018.


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  • andre_smith Northeastern Area Superintendent
    Dr. Andre Smith | Contact Dr. Smith

    Andre Smith began his career in the Buffalo City Schools as a teacher, assistant principal and principal. He came to Wake County as a Millbrook High assistant principal in 1994 before coming to Central Services as a student assignment administrator in 1996. He was named principal of Wake Forest-Rolesville High in 1997 and became an area superintendent in 2008.

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  •  kinsey-barker Northern Area Superintendent
    Dr. Pamela Kinsey-Barker | Contact Dr. Kinsey-Barker

    Except for a two-year stint as a principal for Montgomery County Public Schools, Dr. Pamela Kinsey-Barker has made her career in WCPSS elementary schools, including teaching at Durant Road, being an assistant principal at Wilburn, and serving as principal to Morrisville and Brassfield. She became an area superintendent in 2011. She earned her doctorate in 2000.

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  • Photo of Seydric Williams, Area Superintendent

    Northwestern Area Superintendent
    Seydric Williams | Contact Mr. Williams


    Seydric Williams joined the Wake County Public Schools System in 2013. He began his career in the Granville County School System where he served as a sixth grade mathematics teacher, middle school assistant principal, and an elementary school principal at Creedmoor Elementary School.  After spending nine years in Granville County, Seydric transitioned to Christiansburg, Virginia and later Roanoke, Virginia where he served in various roles including Executive Director of Elementary Education, principal, and assistant principal.  He began his career in Wake County as principal at Creech Road Elementary School. He was named the Northwestern Area Superintendent in July 2016. 

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  •  robinson Southern Area Superintendent
    Dr. Clinton Robinson | Contact Dr. Robinson

    A veteran of the United States Air Force, Dr. Clinton L. Robinson, Jr. began his education career in 1995 as a mathematician for the Department of Defense Dependent Schools teaching children of military families in Okinawa, Japan and Kaiserslautern, Germany. In 2005, he joined Cumberland County Schools as an Assistant Principal at Grays Creek High School and in 2007 became the Principal at E. E. Smith High School. In September 2011, Clinton joined Wake County Public School System as the principal of Wake Forest-Rolesville High School. He was named Southwestern Area Superintendent in July 2012.

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    Western Area Superintendent
    Dr. Tammie Sexton| Contact Dr. Sexton


    Dr. Tammie Sexton began her teaching career in WCPSS in 1990 at Rand Road Elementary. She served as an assistant principal at Swift Creek Elementary for three years. Dr. Sexton was then appointed principal at Holly Springs Elementary School in 1999. She was the founding principal at two schools Wakelon Elementary (2005) and Richland Creek Elementary (2012). Dr. Sexton received a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership in 2010 and was named Western Area Superintendent in 2019.

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  • Photo of Dr. Ashlie Thompson, Area Superintendent

    Central Area Superintendent
    Dr. Ashlie Thompson | Contact Dr. Thompson


    Dr. Ashlie Thompson began her career in the Wake County Public School System in 1996. After 10 years of teaching, she served as the Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction at Enloe Magnet High School for 6 years. She worked in the WCPSS Magnet and Curriculum Enhancement Office for 2 years as the Director for Curriculum Enhancement Programs. In 2013, she was selected to be the founding principal of Vernon Malone College and Career Academy. She was named Southwestern Area Superintendent in July 2017. She was named Central Area Superintendent in July 2019.




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