2023 Legislative Agenda

Student learning at school
  • Our Legislative Agenda highlights key areas that must be addressed in the current legislative session to help our children succeed.

    The Wake County Board of Education supports the guiding principles of the NC School Boards Association's Legislative Agenda with a particular emphasis on the following:

High-Quality Workforce

  • We ask lawmakers to improve student outcomes by ensuring all students have high-quality educators and high-quality support staff in their schools. 

    Improve recruitment and retention by: 

    • Funding competitive salaries for all employees and removing salary compression
    • Reinstating advanced degree pay
    • Restoring Longevity pay
    • Expanding current benefits 
    • Restoring retiree health coverage for employees hired after January 1, 2021

    WHY?  Funding is needed to ease the current staffing shortage and slow the pace of staff attrition that plagues our schools and impedes the learning and growth of our children.

    Fund full-time, permanent substitute teachers

    WHY?  Building substitutes ensure learning continuity for students by easing the burden of teachers who use their planning time to cover teacher vacancies, shortages, and absences.

    Fully restore the Teaching Fellows Program

    WHY?  The Teaching Fellows Program is a proven tactic to recruit new teachers to the profession. In addition, it creates a pathway for teachers of color to enter teaching. Research shows that students of color with at least one teacher of color do better on tests and are less likely to have disciplinary issues. 

Student Well-Being

  • We ask lawmakers to improve student outcomes by supporting programs that improve student disposition and well-being.

    Increase investments in support personnel

    WHY?  In today's post-pandemic world, the need for additional funding to bring the state closer to the recommended ratios for support personnel has never been greater. Students burdened by a barrage of social, emotional, and mental health issues need support to access learning. School counselors, psychologists, social workers, and nurses improve student well-being, support student behavior, and improve academic performance. 

    Maintain the expansion of reduced-cost lunch benefits for students

    WHY?  Nutrition directly impacts students' academic performance and behavior in the classroom. Maintaining the expansion of reduced-cost lunch benefits provides students access to the food their bodies and minds need to learn.

    Increase School Safety Funding

    WHY?  We call for flexible funding to institute increased safety measures in schools and support school violence prevention efforts. 

Student Outcomes

  • We ask lawmakers to improve student outcomes by filling the funding gaps to ensure all children can access learning.

    Fully fund the needs of students with disabilities 

    WHY?  Increased special education funding beyond 1993 levels ensures all students can access a sound and basic education and receive the necessary educational services.

    Increase funding for Academically and Intellectually Gifted students 

    WHY?  Expanded AIG funding allows all gifted students to be identified, have their gifts nurtured, and ultimately excel in their intellectual and academic pursuits.    

    Fund extended learning opportunities

    WHY?  Students need additional instruction and support to recover from the interrupted learning of the pandemic. Flexible state funding for schools will provide equitable extended learning opportunities for students.

    Fund broadband and technology support professionals

    WHY?  Effective use of technology leverages the teacher's capacity, expands the classroom's physical boundaries to the world, and engages students in ways that other instructional tools cannot.

    Schools and families need funding to improve broadband infrastructure and connectivity. Schools need funding to improve the technician-to-device ratio to ensure students and staff are not interrupted in learning and teaching.

Legislative Support

  • We ask lawmakers to support legislation that provides public schools with the flexibility needed to serve students.

    Expand K-3 class size waivers

    WHY?  Without class-size waivers, students affected by the teacher shortage are taught by a substitute teacher instead of joining an existing class with a qualified teacher. Expanding class-size waivers provides schools the flexibility they need to ensure the best learning environment for all students. 

    Allow school calendar flexibility

    WHY?  Aligning the school calendar with community college calendars provides high school students with opportunities to take community college classes and complete exams before the winter break. 

    Support Gun Safety Legislation

    WHY?  We call for lawmakers to pass a state statute requiring safe storage of firearms.