Speaking at Board Meetings

  • Submit Your Public Comment Electronically

    These forms open at 5 p.m. the Friday before and will close at noon the day of the meeting.
    1. Written
    2. Video (Video format requires a Google login.)


    Attend a Meeting In-Person

    If you want to attend a board meeting, committee meeting or work session or address the board in person, complete one of the following forms. Forms open 48 hours prior to the meeting start time. Please choose the option that applies:

    1. I want to provide public comment at the next board meeting 
    2. I want to attend the next joint meeting (Board of Educationa and County Commissioners)
    3. I want to attend the next board meeting (If selected, you will have the opportunity to provide public comment when the agenda provides the opportunity.)
    4. I want to attend the next work session
    5. I want to attend a finance committee meeting in person
    6. I want to attend a facilities committee meeting in person
    7. I want to attend a safety committee meeting in person
    8. I want to attend a student achievement committee meeting in person
    9. I want to attend a policy committee meeting in person

    Sign up

    Speakers must sign up online. Sign-up starts at 12:00 pm on the day of the meeting, and ends at 5 pm. Speakers must provide name, city and topic. 

    Speaking time 

    During the public comment session, you may speak for up to three minutes. You will see a yellow light at the podium when you have 30 seconds remaining, then a red light when your time is up. If the public comment portion of the agenda exceeds 30 minutes, the board chair reserves the right to conduct other board business before inviting remaining speakers to the podium.

    Speaking order

    At regular Board meetings, speakers commenting on items on the night's agenda will be heard before speakers commenting on other topics. All other speakers will be heard in order of sign up.

    Speakers are welcome to offer comments or criticism directed at substantive ideas, actions, or procedures of the Board and individual Board members. In the interest of maintaining civility and decorum, however, speakers are encouraged to refrain from personal attacks and insults directed at the Board, individual Board members, staff, or members of the general public.

    The laws and policies of North Carolina provide that issues or concerns involving individual personnel matters are confidential, and therefore, not appropriate for public comment settings. Concerns related to personnel issues may be addressed through applicable WCPSS personnel, the grievance policy, or other applicable policies.

    Speakers, including students, may discuss issues and matters of general concern, but should refrain from discussing confidential student information. Concerns related to confidential student matters may be addressed through applicable WCPSS personnel, the grievance policy or other applicable policies. 

    Special Accommodations

    Anyone who requires disability accommodations or may have trouble accessing phone or internet access for the Board’s electronic meetings is  encouraged to contact Melissa Allen at mrallen@wcpss.net prior to the day of the meeting to explore whether alternative arrangements can be made for the submission of public comment. 

  • Special public hearings 

    Special public hearings will be called for student assignment issues. Members of the public will be allowed to speak for a predetermined amount of time (usually two or three minutes) at public hearings. If the Board formally proposes any change that includes families not affected by the original proposal, then those families will be given an opportunity to speak.


    Discussing personnel concerns 

    Due to confidentiality requirements, a public hearing is an inappropriate forum to discuss personnel issues. Citizens should instead contact the appropriate administrator in writing.