Image of rising Kindergarten students wearing caps and gowns while reading books
  • Welcome Class of 2031!


    Kindergarten registration for 2018-19 opens Jan. 4, 2018.

    All kindergarten students and rising kindergartners must start by registering in the main office of your assigned base school. Locate your base school by visiting this site. 

    A child must be 5 years old on or before August 31 of the current school year to attend kindergarten. In accordance with state law, gifted children who are age 4 by April 16 also will be considered for admission. Visit this site to learn more about early admission for gifted children

    You have the following choices for your rising kindergartner:

    • You can attend your base school:

      Your base school is the one near your home, where children in your neighborhood are assigned to attend. All base schools provide academics, arts, physical education and music under the direction of high-quality teachers. 
    • You can apply to attend your calendar option school:

      Traditional calendar schools run from August through the following June, with 10 weeks of summer vacation. Year-round schools are open throughout the year, with students in school for nine weeks and then off for three weeks.
      • If your base school is on a traditional calendar, you will have the option to apply for an assigned nearby year-round school. 
      • If your base school is on a year-round calendar, you will have the option to apply for an assigned nearby traditional calendar school.  Learn more about this by visiting this site.

Enrollment Materials

Download packet for incoming Kindergartners and bring it to the office of your base school. Locate your base school. Make sure to bring all your documents. View the list of required materials.

Need a Birth Certificate?

Parents of children born in Wake County may now order certified birth certificates on the Wake County Register of Deeds website. Learn more.

Tips for registering your child

    • You must register at your base school. 
    • Call ahead to see if your base school has dedicated registration times. 
    • Complete your paperwork ahead of time. 
    • Children do not need to be present for registration. In fact, it is preferable to make arrangements to register without your children present as schools will be very busy.

  • How do I choose a school?

    At Wake, families are offered many choices to suit an individual child’s needs. Here are some things to consider and do when deciding which school is a better fit for your family.

    • The magnet application period is Jan. 10-31, 2018. Learn more about magnet schools.
    • Attend your base school’s open house.
    • Consider your calendar option choice and if interested, attend that school’s open house. Many families prefer year-round because it allows more free time throughout the year for family vacations. Other families prefer traditional calendar to have summers off or to align with other siblings.