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Community partners pedaling joy into schools at the holidays

Creech Road Elementary 3rd Grade Students

November 15, 2023


Third grade students at several of our elementary schools are the proud owners of a brand new bicycle, thanks to the generosity of others and a special community partnership. 


The Triangle Spokes Group and the Bikes for Kids Foundation have donated several hundred bicycles to our third grade students during these past few weeks. They’ve made donations at East Garner Elementary, Rogers Lane Elementary, Creech Road Elementary, Barwell Road Elementary, and they have a few more stops planned before the year ends. 


I was fortunate enough to be a part of the recent surprise celebration at Creech Road Elementary. At the event, students gathered for an assembly where they were under the impression that three essay contest winners would be announced. As a part of the contest, third grade students read the book “Thinking Big, Working Hard, and Making No Excuses” and then wrote an essay. Students were told that three essays would be selected as winners and that the students who wrote the winning essays would receive a new bike. The joy and anticipation on all students’ faces as the winners were announced was unmatched. They were so proud of their friends’ hard work and accomplishments. 


After the winners were named, students were told that there was one extra bicycle, now a total of four, to be given away. Leaders from Triangle Spokes Group, the principal and assistant principal and I “huddled” together to decide which student would receive the final bike. Out in the crowd, students enthusiastically pointed to a friend, or shouted out reasons why another student deserved the bicycle. These acts of kindness were made even better because I knew there was a special surprise ahead for each one of them.


Then we shared that we were not able to select just one student to receive the final bicycle. Instead every student would get a new bike and helmet. And the curtains opened to reveal a stage full of shiny new bikes. The room erupted with excitement, and there were hugs, and happy tears all around.


What I appreciated most about this day was how each and every student showed gratitude for the gift. This is one of the most heartwarming moments I’ve experienced during my first few months as Superintendent. And it would not have been possible without the generosity of the Triangle Spokes Group. It was certainly a fitting way to celebrate our hardworking students, especially as we enter this season of giving. 


With Gratitude,



Robert P. Taylor