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Your voices will guide us in taking our district to the next level

Dr. Taylor presents at community roundtable

October 11, 2023

Every day across this district, students, teachers, staff, parents and others engage in conversations about our schools. You discuss what we are doing well and what we could do better. The opinions you share with each other are so valuable. That is why we are holding 14 community roundtable events during the next few weeks to provide stakeholders with a dedicated space to connect and have these important conversations with each other as well as district leaders. We will listen. We will learn. And we will work together to make our school system a model for national excellence.


We kicked off our first roundtable session on Oct. 11 in the southern region of the district. Principals, teachers, parents, support staff, students and community partners gathered to talk about the things that make our district great. We lifted up our amazing educators, the high-level courses provided to students and the diversity of the community we serve.


Participants also identified opportunities we have to level up. We talked about employee recruitment and retention, the need for robust professional development, incorporating more teacher feedback in curriculum decisions, and improved mental and social emotional health support for students, staff and families.


I went into the day anticipating that our first event would inspire rich conversations and participants would provide thoughtful feedback.The first roundtable events delivered that and so much more. 


There are many different viewpoints in our district. It is important we listen to all of them. I answer to the Board but also to every single member of the Wake County Public School System community. That is why we will continue to listen and learn from each other.


If you have thoughts to share, I hope you will consider submitting your feedback and ideas via this form. I look forward to hearing from you during the next 100 days and beyond.


With gratitude,


Robert P. Taylor